Huichol music

Music and visual art are linked in daily life in Huichol communities. “Our art is the root of our culture,” says Macario Matias Carrillo, a soft-spoken artisan and musician who fashions violins and ukelele-like guitarritas from holy wood found near his settlement. As Macario and his village shaman, Jesús Carrillo Romero, tune their instruments before performing a joyful ritual dance melody, Paco says, “Their music reaches certain parts of the brain, and it wakes you up in places that were asleep.” In contrast to the more obvious variation in their visual art of brightly-colored yarn and beadwork, Paco finds that many people are slow to recognize the beauty of Huichol music: “Many people hear ni-ni-ni-ni-ni, but if you pay attention, the whole song is different.” An example of traditional Huichol music:


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